Binary Search Trees

In C Tidbits, Data Structures in C/C++ on December 21, 2007 at 7:28 pm

A binary tree is a tree in which no node can have more than two children. The property that makes a binary tree into a binary search tree is that for every node, X, in the tree, the values of all the keys in its left subtree are smaller than the key value in X, and the values of all the keys in its right subtree are larger than the key value in X.

An important application of binary trees is their use in searching.

Here are the operations which are possible on binary search tree ADT (abstract data type),

1)Make Empty

Please refer http://www.refcode.net/2013/02/binary-search-trees.html

  1. …but you dont balance the tree 😦

  2. going to cover them (balanced, self adjusting trees) next..

  3. I like the way you draw the trees..

  4. Yeah! the trees on console are pretty nice

  5. your articles helping me a lot, thanks for all your posts, by the way, your comment box not visible prproperly, let the moderator of this site know about this issue..

  6. Thanks for letting me know, I’d fixed it. thanks

  7. very clear and helpful article on binary trees.

  8. hai !!! want to solve this small issue !!
    i have a + operator in the Root of the tree
    and the child on the left has 5 and child on the right has 6
    i want the answer to be 11 i want to use root->info to solve this problem
    any solution for this !!!!

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