Josephus Problem in C

In Data Structures in C/C++ on May 6, 2007 at 1:43 pm

Q:Josephus Flavius was a famous Jewish historian of the first century at the time of the Second Temple destruction. During the Jewish-Roman war he got trapped in a cave with a group of 40 soldiers surrounded by romans. The legend has it that preferring suicide to capture, the Jews decided to form a circle and, proceeding around it, to kill every third remaining person until no one was left. Josephus, not keen to die, quickly found the safe spot in the circle and thus stayed alive.


  1. Circular linked list must be used.
  2. The sequence starts from 1, therefore you won’t see a 0 appear in the sequence.The number of people and number of skips must be larger than 0

Please refer http://www.refcode.net/2013/03/josephus-problem-in-c.html

  1. good implementation of circular linked list

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