Reversing a circular single linked list using pointers

In C Tidbits, Data Structures in C/C++ on March 10, 2007 at 4:50 pm

Reversing a single linked list is explained in this post

this post deals with reversing circular single linked list, which is not much different from what we did there except the last reversed node points the head node, then we change the head node to point to reversed linked list….

You might be thinking why do we need to reverse a circular linked list when the list is circular, but as the list is single linked list here we are going to reverse the direction of the list.

here is the routine which reverses circular list….

please refer http://www.refcode.net/2013/02/reversing-circular-single-linked-list.html

  1. I’d liked your stuff, seems you are a pro programmer

  2. Not bad! Maybe I will port this over to JavaScript and write a post on it. (Of course I’ll give credit in that case).

    I wrote a post on reversing a singly linked list in JavaScript:


  3. Thanks, a very specific useful resourse!!

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